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Branding & Graphics

Whether you are building your Start Up or rebranding your existing venture, we are here to help you define, refine, or grow your brand with a strategy. The ELARA team is dedicated to creating brilliant designs, stand-out branding, and profitable marketing solutions for every aspect of your business. We are dedicated to your success and we strive to exceed your expectations. While each client’s needs vary in scope, our philosophy stays the same—we provide you with friendly, knowledgeable branding and design services with the goal of developing creative solutions that meet your needs.


Whether it's a logo, branding strategy, postcards, social media ads, magazine about your products and services, or pitch decks to sell your startup to investors, clean designs are critical.  

A professional presentation is an investment. They promote your business, help impress and attract new clients.  Put your best foot forward with visually stunning aids and let the visuals speak for themselves.  Building a public corporate brand is time consuming and takes some heavy lifting.  You want to do it right the first time.  Don't be the one that makes a bad impression.

Pitch Decks Costs

The cost depends largely on the quantity of slides and the amount of graphic design, content writing and animation needed on each slide.  The requirements vary widely, which makes each project price unique..  The more content, design, and multimedia brought to the table does help leverage costs.  Each project is different, contact us below to discuss your project.

Contact our team for a free consultation to learn more about your vision and get a customized quote.  We work with small and large organizations with small and large budgets.  Don't wait, get your brand on the best track now.

  • 30 min


Starting at $50

  • Logo Designs 

  • Postcards, brochures, flyers 

  • Magazines 

  • Social media ads


Starting at $150

  • Usually touch up work to improve a deck already designed

  • Perform relatively minor improvements to it.

  • Bare bones new custom deck with minimal content 



Starting at $500

  • Most clients fall in this range

  • Perform comprehensive  improvements to existing decks

  • new presentation involving a significant amount of animation and custom graphic design

  • Cost savings can be leveraged depending on the amount of media and content already brought to the table



Starting at $1,000

  • High-end branding and multi-media

  • Multi-deck projects and large decks nearing the triple-digit slide count.

  • Custom designed slide libraries

Our Branding Portfolio

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