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Because it is more than just getting advice.

Partnering with Elara can help you achieve your business goals, improve your performance, receive an unaltered point of view, and implement recommendations for necessary changes to achieve success that wasn't on the radar before.

Elara's staff comes with a wide array of skills through education and professional work experience, assisting business owners, visionaries, brand ambassadors and innovative individuals with their endeavors. In addition, provide management consulting to help organizations, mom & pop operations, and visionaries improve their performance and efficiency.  These professionals analyze businesses and create solutions while also helping companies meet their goals. Elara helps business owners and C-Level Executives when they need help or perspective on their chosen path or a catalyst for change in their companies.



  • Provide market research trends

  • Identify areas of opportunities 

  • Provide a specific actionable plan

  • Staff training and development 

  • Initiate and implement change

  • Provide objectivity and perspective from a new lens

  • Teach and training employees

  • Doing the "dirty work," like terminating staff

  • Create a new business model, branding strategy, or concept

  • Develop a CX strategy and/or Loyalty Program

  • Customer journey evaluation


  • If you're struggling with your business operations, strategy, branding, scaling, Human Resources, customer journey, CX or loyalty program

  • You are spending more than it is costing you to run your operations

  • Launching a new project, product, or campaign

  • Do not have the bandwidth to manage it yourself

  • Looking for a fresh perspective

  • Implement operational metrics and don't know how

  • Looking for ways to measure success

  • Help with short term project, instead of hiring a full headcount

  • Temporary project or assignment

It is not one size fits all.  Each situation is unique and each deserve their own unique approach.  Ready to drive your business, project or brand to the next level?  Schedule your complimentary session to discuss a path forward.

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